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Gwazae GPA101
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Do you need a solution to …
  • Wet, heavily compacted soils and subsurface hard pans?
  • Lost player days due to flooding and poor drainage?
  • Drought and run-off problems?
  • A hard substandard and disease infested turf surface?
  • Water-logged, disease infested trees in horticulture?
Are these leading to…
  • A low number of annual golf rounds or playable days?
  • Injury and equipment related issues?
  • Delays in ground use after using other deep aeration equipment?
  • Reduced Financial Returns?
Instead, imagine…
… a green, healthy, well-drained golf course or training pitch, utilised to its full potential on both sunny and rainy days, with happy golfers and injury-free players, 7 days a week.
  • Drainage problems solved
  • Improved aeration to greater depths at greater speeds
  • Better plant growth and fruit yield through better water and nutrient availability
  • Healthier grass that can take a hit
  • A higher number of playable days
A snapshot of turf and horticultural applications
The Gwazae™ GPA101 - suitable to a range of challenging aeration conditions.
Sports turf and Golf Courses
Gwazae GPA will deal to these conditions, aerating, and breaking up soil profiles. Flood problems are solved in emergencies, and prevented by using the Gwazae in a regular grounds care programme.
  • When foot traffic and heavy machinery promote compaction and poorly drained turf
  • When flooding after heavy rain restricts days for play and wrecks fairways
Horticultural crops
Gwazae GPA blasts subsoil pans apart, opening up soil profiles to improved drainage and nutrient uptake. Areas damaged by heavy traffic movement are decompacted and aerated
  • When soils are heavy, wet and compacted
  • When anaerobic conditions prevent good microbial activity and nutrient breakdown
Drought and run off problems with ornamental trees
Gwazae GPA opens up soil profiles allowing better water movement after drought, and ensures better uptake of irrigation water, during drought conditions, reducing stress on trees
  • When drought hardened soils fail to absorb moisture
  • When nutrients are washed off
New Ground Constructions and Contoured Land
Gwazae GPA offers a simple, economic means of ensuring first class drainage and growth conditions, giving grasses and turf the ideal conditions right from the start of the development project.
  • When heavy earth moving activity and construction create compacted layers and anerobic conditions
  • When golf course contouring results in limited downward water movement and poor rooting ability
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