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Improved Recovery, Greater Production, Reliable Turf Conditions

The GWAZAE™ provides benefits in many applications, whether it is for general sports grounds, high profiled golf courses or high yielding fruit orchards. The applications and benefits are many!

It is also designed with the operator in mind, with ease of use, a standard two-point linkage attachment, and the fully automatic aeration process reducing the chance for occupational health problems of the operator.

Greatly Improved Drainage

With its deep action the GWAZAE™ has the ability to deliver greatly improved drainage and aerobic conditions to frequently used and compacted sports turf.

The breaking up of compacted subsoil layers ensures more rapid recovery after heavy rainfall, and improved turf quality throughout the season.

Introduced air spaces (macropores) help improving aerobic soil conditions that retain green quality and player satisfaction. To see a video of how the GWAZAE™ improves drainage...

More Playable Days

Closed days are significantly reduced ensuring field function to full capacity throughout the busiest and most challenging seasons.

Rejuvenates the ‘Surface-to-Drain’ Connection

By creating fissures and cracks deep in the ground, the GWAZAE™ also rejuvenates the connection between the surface and existing drainage installations, saving thousands in rehabilitation costs.

Creates Softer Conditions for Users and Other Equipment

It’s not only the turf taking a hit when soils are hard and compacted. A higher rate of injury among users and an increase of stress related issues on equipment are inevitable. Under the right conditions the GWAZAE™ can remedy these issues by decompaction of the ground and letting water disperse more freely from the hard surface down into the soil profile.

Healthier Turf Grass that Can Take a Hit

The increased number of macropores in the soil profile promotes root elongation and provides further anchoring points for roots, making turf better prepared for high usage periods.

Aerobic conditions also mean a healthier turf environment that encourage and support aerobic microorganisms, which disfavour disease and the premature establishment of ‘black layer’ (thatch).

Better plant Growth Through Better Dispersal of Water and Nutrients

Improved aeration and drainage delivers better plant growth. Water and nutrients are distributed more evenly throughout the soil profile and become more available to root systems.

Higher Survival Rates During Drought and Less Run-Off

The GWAZAE™ adds additional macropores into the deeper soil profile. This will help trees and turf to survive better during drought conditions, as it provides more space for oxygen to diffuse into, when turf and tree respiration rates increase during times of higher temperatures.

When the rain returns water normally stuck on the surface will disperse and run-off causing nutrient loss and fertiliser wastage is avoided.

Flexible and Almost Completely Without Surface Disruption

A problem with most conventional deep soil aeration methods is they are disruptive and messy. In horticulture they can be damaging to trees and on sports turf they reduce playable days.

The GWAZAE™ only leaves a small hole, allows for better sub-surface obstacle handling, and handles moderate turning and contour undulations well, thus eliminating scalping problems.

Higher Yield and Better Health

The high pressure delivery of air breaks up subsoil pans created through heavy trafficking and compaction. Pan reduction ensures increased root penetration for heavy tap root crops like kiwifruit.

Reduced Occurrence of Fungal Diseases

The GWAZAE™ is also highly beneficial in orchard situations where crops like avocado with their highly sensitive feeder roots require superior drained soils at all times to avoid root rot (Phytophthora).

New Constructions and Contoured Land

Compacted and anaerobic conditions do not only occur in established soils. Construction of new facilities and general contouring in golf courses and horticulture often leave the lower layers of the soil heavily compacted.

This creates problems in the upper soil profile, causing anaerobia, water-logging, low root penetration of grasses and trees and establishes ideal conditions for fungi diseases on nearby standing trees such as phytophthora (root rot).

Great Decompaction and Aeration – Consistent Results

The air delivery system is unique, fully automatic and due to its smart relay control system human error is avoided.

By delivering shots of air at a constant rate with the same spacing every time (requires constant tractor speed). But also manual operation is possible if required.

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