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This is a directory of GWAZAE owners in New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain who are offering their services to the Sportsturf and Horticultural Industry. Provided are contact details and a short background for each of them.

This is by no means a complete list. To find out about additional service providers in the United Kingdom we suggest making contact with Keith Kensett from R&K Kensett our UK distributor.

>>> Premier Pitches Ltd – Great Britain
>>> Underbuster Limited – Great Britain
>>> Ground Probe Aerators (GPA) - New Zealand
>>> MT Aeration – Melbourne, Australia

Premier Pitches Ltd – Great Britain
Sports Turf Contractors

Premier Pitches are based in the north of England and have over 15 years experience in the Sportsturf Industry. We pride ourselves on quality, efficiency and flexibility, and have a comprehensive client database including some of the biggest Football Clubs in the UK.

We offer a Deep Ground Probe Aeration service on Sportsturf Pitches and Golf courses, also to the Arboriculture Industry and Parks and Open Spaces. We can bring to you all the benefits that the Gwazae "AIRLIFT" machine provides on compacted poor draining soils or over constructed drainage systems to compliment your aeration program.

Contact Details  
Company Director General Manager

Carl Pass
(United Kingdom) (0)7950 918 542

Head Office
(United Kingdom) (0)1246 261 224

Jonathan Woolfall
(United Kingdom) (0)7957 264 966
Premier Pitches Ltd
Parkgate Farm
Parkgate Lane
United Kingdom
S21 5RP

Underbuster Limited – Great Britain
Sports Turf and Horticultural Contractors

Trading as Underbuster Ltd, Tony Brazier runs a contracting business specialising in de-compacting soils in both the agriculture and leisure turf industries.

Operating in West Midlands and Wales of the U.K he uses a Gwazae to improve drainage and aerate close to trees without damaging the roots.

In turf the technique is invaluable to de-compact and aerate the soil. Because there is little or no surface disruption and due to the high work rate of the Gwazae, there is little loss of play.

Among resent successes are:

Kington Golf Club, where we have successfully removed permanent standing water on the 16th green. Chairman of Greens Mr Dave Radbourne says, “This green was nearly always wet. Now, following treatment with the GWAZAE, it is much drier and draining a lot quicker. We were particularly pleased with the low cost of the work.“

Blackwell Golf Club, where improvements have been established on their 1st fairway. Golf Course Manager, Mr Peter Fletcher commented “after twelve months, this fairway is now drier thanks to the Underbuster treatment. Old drains that have not worked for years are now working again”.

Contact Details  

Mobile: (United Kingdom) (0)7837 083053
Office: (United Kingdom) (0)1885 400260

Alf (Sales)
Mobile: (United Kingdom) (0)7837 083053

Underbuster Ltd
Lower Hope Estate,
Ullingswick, Hereford, HR1 3JF
United Kingdom

Ground Probe Aerators (GPA) - New Zealand
Sports Turf and Horticultural Contractors

For over 4 years GPA Services have been offering Ground Probe Aeration Services in New Zealand. Operating out of the heart of New Zealand’s most productive horticultural region, the Bay of Plenty, GPA has an extensive number of clients who regularly utilise the aeration services.

GPA offer twin probe machines capable of covering both horticultural areas and turf/sports areas. GPA offer injection of different soil conditioners among other liquid gypsum, liquid lime and worm cast by Wormtech Limited. GPA is able to offer on-going consultation on turf and orchard management to ensure their clients receive the maximum benefits from the superior decompaction and drainage abilities of the Gwazae aerator.

Contact Details  
North Island South Island

Head Office - 0800 222 911
Kevin Massey (Sales) 0272 854 956
Grant Umbers (Sales) 0272 555 682

Boyd Turner (Sales) 021 0220 75 42
Ground Probe Aerators
P.O. Box 14023
Tauranga 3001
New Zealand

MT Aeration – Melbourne, Australia
Sports Turf and Horticultural Contractors

Matt Cornford, Managing Director and operator at MT Aeration is operating out of the Melbourne area and able to serve all over Victoria, and happy to travel interstate if necessary. Matt has over 18 years of experience in the Australian Turf Industry, whereof 10 years as a golf course superintendent.

MT Aeration offer single probe aeration of all types of sports turf, race tracks and golf courses, which includes greens, tees and fairways. Matt does also offer the single probe aerator for aeration, and the injection of soil beneficial natural microorganisms & amendments, and liquid fertilisers on tree crops and vineyards.

Contact Details  

Matt Cornford (Sales) 0448 518 802

MT Aeration
109 South Lane
Kyneton Victoria 3444
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