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The GWAZAE™ Process - Simplicity and Performance

Wet, heavily compacted soils and subsurface hard pans?
Excessive traffic, heavy machinery, frequent use – they all add up to a compacted, poorly draining and badly aerated soil. Even regular aeration at same depths can create hard pans and drainage problems. High soil moisture can aggravate this, particularly on clay loam and clay soils.
A hard substandard and disease infested turf surface?
Anaerobic conditions are quickly established in waterlogged and compacted turf, as oxygen diffuses several thousand times slower through water than through air. An anaerobic, disease favouring environment is encouraged and supports microorganisms that create plant toxic metabolism products, ideal conditions for diseases, a weak turf root structure and the premature establishment of ‘black layer’ (thatch).
Improved aeration and drainage to greater depths at greater speeds!

The GWAZAE™ is capable of doing this to greater depths than any other continuous operating aerator, right down to 700 mm. If used with an integrated approach it will also improve the effects of your surface aeration programme.

Anaerobic conditions are avoided as the GWAZAE™ enables you to go deeper into the soil profile and lower the level of water-filled macropores and increasing them at the same time. This delivers improved aerobic conditions, reducing the chance for premature establishment of ‘black layer’ and disease.

Click the button on the right to watch a video to see how water drains away after the GWAZAE™ has been applied. GPA 101 Video

How it all works
1. PUSH - The arm and spear arrangement is released
2. PENETRATE - The spear pushes up to 700 mm into the ground depending on spear length
3. AIR BLAST - The air blast is set-off on a signal that lets the computer know that the arm is released and in the ground. Within a fraction of a second the system injects filtered air, injected with a user-selected pressure, of up to 124 litres into the soil. This air volume causes a lift and fracturing of soil components and hard pans, allowing surface water and water trapped in hollow spaces to disperse more readily and evenly.
4. RETRACT - The arm is retracted from the ground
5. HOME - Once the spear is clear of the ground it returns back into the start position.
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