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SUREFIT™ Spears Technology

High tech and tough air delivery system

Handcrafted and High Quality

We always make sure that the attention to detail is applied to all components. All our High Impact SureFit™ Spears are hand-crafted and examined thoroughly by our tradesmen.

Long Life and Reduced Spears Breakage

Hard pans and abrasive soils can be tough to crack. GWAZAE™ has therefore chosen a special hardening process for the spear tips, designed to deal with both hard and soft soil profiles.

Maximum Airflow, Maximum Lift

The steel tube chosen ensures maximum airflow with maximum strength. The forward delivery angle and the special shaped nozzles of the spears ensure maximum lift.

Robust and ‘Easy-Change’ Spear System

The spears are easily changed from one size to another facilitated through the SureFit™ system. This is useful, when you quickly need to change spears as soil conditions vary. The smart design of the ‘spear and trolley’ arrangement provides extra insurance against spear breakage.

Variable Spear Length and Thickness

Due to different soil conditions and treatment effects required we provide a range of Surefit™ spears available in the following lengths and diameters.

  • Spear lengths 450mm (17.7”), 600mm (23.6”) and 700mm (27.7“)
  • Spear diameters 22.3 mm (7/8”) and 25.4mm (1”)
  • Custom sizes available
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