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Kiwifruit Grower:

I had seen other devices to aerate the soil profile, but they seemed to make such a mess of the topsoil without necessarily achieving what you wanted further down.

“The impact of the twice yearly Gwazae treatment became apparent within a season, with moisture being retained with minimal runoff even after heavy rain events the region is renowned for. As a result, plants maintain better health through the summer period.”

John Carson – Katikati

Turf Manager:

“We used the Gwazae aerator for the first time this season on the most heavily affected of the 100 playing fields we have.

“I am confident if we continue to utilise the machine we will get a good response, given the way it operates.”

We had 700mm of rain over April, May and June and generally on the treated surfaces that got wet, they drained a lot quicker.”

Matt Cresswell – North Shore City Council

Turf Supervisor:

“Our Blake Park Rugby One Field has always suffered from water-logging caused by compaction and the prevailing clay loam layer in the upper soil profile. Following heavy rain during the winter season these conditions could prevail for weeks.”

“After a trial of the GWAZAE Single Probe Aerator in September 2007, I was impressed to see that after a heavy 50mm downpour the field was draining within hours to a degree that it has never done before. As a direct result following the highly successful trials we have programmed the GWAZAE into our annual renovation programme for Tauranga City Council’s slow and poor draining sports fields.

Jeff Stevens, Turf Supervisor of City Care’s Parks Division in Tauranga

Golf Course Greenkeeper:

“ After heavy reconstruction of the course a hard pan layer of clay had formed in the subsoil structure from machinery compaction.

The Gwazae clearly decompacted that area, and for courses created on soil rather than sand, it certainly has its place.”

“This is the only aerator on the market that can do this depth of decompaction. We used it on all three greens, one green was really struggling and this seemed to help it.”

Brendan Allan – former green keeper Tauranga Golf Course

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